The View

By Erika Moen on August 27, 2012

Oh hey, I guess I kinda forgot to mention that this anthology I’m in, The Letter Q: Queer Writers’ Letters to their Younger Selves, was praised by (and held in) Whoopi Goldberg’s hands on the TV show The View. It’s airdate information is: The View: Season 15 Episode 187, 6/21/12.

I saw a video snippet at the time, but can’t find it now to share with you guys.

You’ll just have to beliiiiiieve meeeeeee!

I created a brand new comic just for this anthology which is not available online except for at the 17:30 minute mark in this video of me reading at Pacific University last year.

Erika Moen Speaks at Pacific University from Erika Moen on Vimeo.

You can get a copy through independent bookseller Powells or juggernaut Amazon. Half of all profits go to The Trevor Project! (All us contributors donated our work, we’re not profiting)

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