Wacom Video Shoot

By Erika Moen on September 24, 2012

Last Friday I had the incredible honor of being “The Talent” in a Wacom promotional video! Holy moly!

This is one of the perks of working in Periscope Studio— I’m exposed to amazing opportunities just by being in an attention-catching professional collective. Nearly every one of our two dozen members uses Wacom products, from tablets to Cintiqs, which somehow got back to Wacom’s HQ (They’re just across the river from us in Portland!). Now whenever they need artists to take their products for a test spin or get feedback on what kind of tools and features we’re really wanting, they’ve got a one-stop-shop for 20+ professionals’ feedback.

Which leads us to Friday, where they needed some artists’ hands and artwork to film as they worked on a variety of their products. The videos will then be used on their website to show potential buyers some of the different ways their tablets and Cintiqs can be used. My name won’t be shown, I’m just a pair of mystery hands, but you guys will probably be able to recognize me by some of the familiar octopus illustrations that you’ll see me working on.

I came to them on their third day of shooting artists back-to-back-to-back and was so incredibly nervous. But the whole crew was super nice and friendly and excited about my artwork, so it was all great! Plus, I had my very own stylist making sure my fingers looked perfect and plucking lint off of my sleeves between takes– talk about feeling pampered! Many thanks to the stylist for using my camera to take the above photos for me!

(This photo by Darcy) When the video goes up next month, I’ll post a link so you can watch my hands in action!

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