Queer Comic Prints!

By Erika Moen on May 24, 2012

By popular demand, I’ve made prints of my Queer comic available! They are two feet long because that is the smallest I could make them and still keep ’em legible.

These giclĂ©e prints are 8.5″ x 24″ on 50lb heavy matte paper that is velvet-y to the touch.

Because it is two (TWO!!) feet long, it ships rolled in a sturdy tube that should be able to withstand even the most ruthless postal worker.

Lookit the size of this! It’s, like, the length of my torso and neck! Anyway, I’m only offering this for a limited time. How long is the limited time? Man, I don’t know, until I have a new print I want to replace it with. Because that’s just how this fickle bitch rolls. ::Flips down sunglasses, somersaults away::

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