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One Leg Up

A sketch for a project.

I’ve pretty much lost a week of productivity because this cold knocked me on my ass :( Haha, you should have seen me trying to color a freelance illustration using the trackpad of my laptop while cocooned in blankets on my couch. It took me three hours to do something that would have been 30 minutes with my Cintiq! ROUGHIN’ IT, just like the pioneers.

I’m fiiiiiiinally starting to feel better, though! Well enough to rough out this sketch which is half of a thing I’m working on.

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A practice doodle of Willow from Buffy: The Vampire Slayer.

Brushpen Fashion Sketch

While playing with my leaky brush pen, I used this outfit photo from Julie Mack as a reference to draw this sketch. Note where my pen blorched out a glob of ink on the left shoulder! Dang it.

Using strong blacks in my inking is something that really intimidates me and is something for which I don’t feel I have a particularly strong eye, so lately I’ve been forcing myself to focus on using large swatches of black and building texture with them. The results are generally pretty mixed, but I feel like I’m learning.

Julie’s collection of outfit photos have been one of my go-to resources for clothing ideas, both to draw and to emulate in real life– just in case you need some inspiration, yourself!

EDIT: I feel like such a jerk, I didn’t realize Julie has her own blog, Rotten Cupcakes! She posts lots of delicious snippets from her creative life as a designer, so check it out if you like color coordination, typography and crafting!

Erika Moen’s Posters, books, prints and original artwork

Brushpen Sketch

I am absolutely in love with Aayla Mae’s hair in this photo (and, of course, the rest of the picture too!) so I did this brushpen sketch based on it, but somehow accidentally made her look totally evil. Oops. But the hair turned out alright, so it’s not a total loss!

Posters, books, prints and original artwork