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Bucko Reading Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Friday the 7th, Jeff Parker and I are doing a reading/talk about our graphic novel, Bucko!

Bucko Book Reading
March 7, 6-8pm
Astoria Public Library
450 10th Street
Astoria, OR 97103

Comics Underground

Last week Leia Weathington and I were invited to read Easy, our pornographic contribution to the Smut Peddler anthology, at Comics Underground– AND SO WE DID. (Picture by Lucy Bellwood of Ben Coleman, David Gerber and me)

However, before we went on stage we watched our esteemed comrades in cartooning read their own slightly less boner-filled comics which were still awesome and entertaining in spite of said boner deficits.

Comrades such as…

Lucy Bellwood!

Ben Dewey and Jeff Parker! I didn’t manage to get a decent picture of them in their gorilla masks (they were reading a Planet of the Apes comic that they did together for… Dark Horse Comics, I think?), but Steve Lieber snapped this photo of them rehearsing in the studio earlier that day:

Matt Bors!– whoooooo just launched an excellent Kickstarter to raise funds for him to produce a lovely collected book of his best political comics, titled Life Begins at Corporation. Hell yeah, I was the very first person to back this project and I totally encourage you to do the same.

Enough about other people. Back to OUR PORNOGRAPHY.

Ahhhh, there we go, much better. Here we have a dude inside a dude inside a lady. You’re welcome. (Picture by Lucy Bellwood)

Leia was in charge of sound effects. (Picture by Lucy Bellwood)

All in all, a super great night. Thanks, Comics Underground! (Picture by Lucy Bellwood)

Bucko at Bridge City Comics

The reading and signing at Powell’s was great, thank you so much to everyone who came out!

If you missed out last night, FEAR NOT, you have another chance to come get your copy of Bucko signed by Parker and me T-T-T-TONIGHT!

Friday, October 5th, 6-9pm
The magnitude of celebrating Bucko in book form cannot be contained to one store on one day! So Parker and I are moving the party over to Bridge City Comics where we will be living it up with more readings and witty banter for you, our dear, beloved readers.
Bridge City Comics, 3725 N. Mississippi Ave., Portland, OR.

And, of course, the eBook from Dark Horse is available now! It contains all the additional content and comics that Parker and I put together for the print version.

We’ll see YOU there!

Bucko Updates

Got some Bucko-related news for you!

Thursday, October 4th, 7:30pm
Bucko’s BOOK RELEASE party will be hap-hap-HAPPENING at Powell’s on Hawthorne! Parker and I will be doing a reading and shooting the shit. Guaranteed to be a swell time.
Powell’s, 3723 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland, OR

Friday, October 5th, 6-9pm
The magnitude of celebrating Bucko in book form cannot be contained to one store on one day! So Parker and I are moving the party over to Bridge City Comics where we will be living it up with more readings and witty banter for you, our dear, beloved readers.
Bridge City Comics, 3725 N. Mississippi Ave., Portland, OR.

Today the digital download of Bucko is available from our publisher Dark Horse Comics! Why buy this when the comic is already online for free? Because Parker and I created a SHIT TON of brand new comics and content just for the book– all of which is included in this digital download. Learn the origin story of the Jugalette! Read essays from Parker between each chapter about why he wrote the things he did! Peek into our behind-the-scenes process of creating a finished comic page! Check out some of the amazing fan art we received from readers! Witness my personal stash of reference photos of my friends and myself that I used to draw poses! AND MORE. Including the world’s most gut-punching introduction ever written, by our friend and studiomate Steve Lieber.

Parker and I have been really delighted to be receiving so many positive reviews for Bucko! Here’s a handful:
Talking Comics: Bucko Review
Go Suck a Comic: Bucko Hard Cover
Comics Bulletin: That’s That Shit: Week of 9/12/2012
Media Decay: Book Review: Bucko
Paste Magazine: Comic Book & Graphic Novel Round-Up 9/19/12

Thanks for all the kind words, folks <:) Hope to see some’a you at our book signings!

Bucko Book

Oh shiiiiiiiiiiit, you guys! Bucko is finally available as a collected book from Dark Horse Comics TODAY.

It turned beautifully, I am so incredibly impressed with the production quality of this book. Allyson Haller was the designer on this project and oh my lord she totally nailed it.

Allyson successfully made the layout really playful and totally reflected the feeling of the content– a touch I was definitely not expecting! The first time I looked at the proofs for the book, my mouth was honestly hanging open with how impressive her work was.

Let me share this preview of the book with you!

Parker and I packed in jokes onto pretty much every single page, including the dedication.

Parker wrote essays about his creative process and inspirations between each chapter, along with my chapter break art to accompany it.

Aaaaand we made a bunch of brand new comics just for the book!

Extra comics, including the origin story of the Jugalette!

Over the course of the year I spent working Bucko, I amassed probably hundreds of reference photos of myself and fellow studiomates for the poses of the characters. Here, I share them with you!

Parker and I even broke down how we’d make a page together. From script to finished comic!

And, of course, we used this book to share some of the gorgeous artwork our readers created for us. Pictured here: Ron Chan, Deanna Echanique, Tara Abbamondi, and Adam Grant.

We’ve even got some sweet blurb quotes from Scott McCloud, Danielle Corsetto, Gisèle Legacé and more!

In the last few days reviews for the book have started rolling in– check out what Darling Dork, Talking Comic Books, Comics Worth Reading and Andrew Shuping have to say about our collection.

So, BAM! There you have it. That is our book.

If you are ready to get your own copy, try you local comic shop or Things From Another World, Powell’s, or Amazon.

Bucko Interview on Comics Alliance

Lauren Davis interviewed Jeff Parker and me for Comics Alliance about our comic Bucko, which just wrapped up over a week ago at 102 pages long. Thank you so much for the spotlight, Comics Alliance! Flapjack even makes a guest appearance at the end, being all gorgeous and sitting on my lightbox.

For the moment I have to keep it under my hat, but when Emerald City Comicon finally rolls around March 30th in Seattle, I’ll finally be able to spill all the beans about the upcoming Bucko book. Until then, just trust me, Parker and I have got reason to be excited!

If you never got around to getting started, now is the perfect time to sit down and read Bucko all the way through.

Erika Moen’s Posters, books, prints and original artwork

War Rocket Ajax Interview

Jeff Parker and I were interviewed by the fine fellas over at the War Rocket Ajax podcast to talk about our comic, Bucko!

(Our part of the podcast comes up around the 33 minute mark.)

It was a pleasure to speak with them!

You should go listen to us!