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Non-Binary Sexuality Video

Beyond Categories: Non-Binary Sexuality from Erika Moen on Vimeo.

One of the highlights of exhibiting at the Emerald City Comic-Con for me was getting to be a speaker on the Beyond Categories: Non-Binary Sexuality panel!

Randall Kirby, Leia Weathington, Charles “Zan” Christensen, Ellen Forney, Jason Thompson and myself gathered together to discuss having bi/pan/queer sexualities in a monosexual world where both the straights and the gays don’t accept you (or straight up view you as The Enemy) and our experiences with biphobia– all with a healthy dose of dick jokes and wise-crackin’.

The anthology on non-binary sexuality that Zan is putting together through his publishing house, Northwest Press, is titled “Anything That Loves”, look for it in July.

(The video may take a bit longer than normal to load because I accidentally made the file gigantic? Try unselecting “HD” in the bottom right hand corner and also I’m a cartoonist not a video editor sorry I have no idea how to do anything! ;)

EDIT: If the above talk only whet your whistle for lectures on sexuality and comics, I have actually done several more! Queering Up Comics at Yale University last month, My talk at Pacific University in 2011, and my talk at Haverford University in 2010.

If you would like me to come speak at your school or event, please contact me at erika.moen (at)

Queering Up Comics at Yale University

Queering Up Comics – Erika Moen Talks at Yale University from Erika Moen on Vimeo.

PHEW! It took me ages and it’s not perfect, but here is the recording of my Queering Up Comics talk I gave at Yale University earlier this month!

And here are the comics I referenced (Some of them you can only read in books, not online, sorry!):

What Does DAR! Mean?

What Does DAR! Mean?

I Like Girls

I Like Girls



Vibrator Introduction

Vibrator Introduction

Zit Face

Zit Face

Six Year Summary

Six Year Summary



I Like a Boy

I Like a Boy (Only in DAR! Volume One)

Lesbian Until Graduation

Lesbian Until Graduation

Identity Evolution

Identity Evolution

A Queer Marriage

A Queer Marriage

So Much Pussy

So Much Pussy (Only in DAR! Volume Two)



Boxed In

Boxed In (Only in The Letter Q)

The DAR! strips can be read online or in DAR! Volume One and DAR! Volume Two.

GirlFuck and I Like Girls can be read online or as minicomics.

If you would like to bring me out to your high school or university to talk, please contact me at erika.moen (at)!

No Straight Lines Book Reading

A couple weeks ago I took part in the Portland release party of the No Straight Lines anthology at Floating World Comics!
I’m so honored to have three of my DAR! comics included in this history book of queer comics. Dang. Seriously, when I first started drawing that dumb little journal comic as a 20 year old, I never thought it’d be anything more than a self-indulgent hobby– certainly not a story that would wind up being published in two books and included in something as important as this anthology when I turned 29. It’s pretty humbling, honestly.

The strips included are are 1) Sexidents, 2) Titles, and 3) So Much Pussy (Which is only available in DAR! Volume Two. Well, and now No Straight Lines, too!)

I read a handful of my comics out loud while the artwork was projected on the wall behind me. Oh, that dress I’m wearing? That is my custom-made by Miriam Chin octopus dress, complete with tentacles and suckers. Oh yes. Full post on that guy coming soon.

No Straight Lines is the product of Justin Hall‘s love, dedication, sweat, and tears; he did a wonderful job curating and editing this book.

It was wonderful to meet two of my fellow contributors, Robert Triptow and Vaughn Frick, and hear them perform as well! All in all, a lovely event. Thank you so much to everyone who came out to the reading!

Queer (English Version!)

Alright, the English version of Queer is now online!

Erika Moen’s Posters, books, prints and original artwork

Queer (French Version)

I’m so excited that I can finally share my new comic with you guys! It’s called Queer and you can read it in French over at Projet 17 mai. Many, many thanks to Dwam for correcting my original (hilariously bad) translation and turning it into something readable in French.

May 17th, 1990 is the day L’Organisation Mondial de la Santé (World Health Organisation) struck homosexuality from its books as a mental illness, turning May 17th into an international day of remembrance and a day to fight homophobia and transphobia.

Projet 17 mai contacted me several months ago about creating a comic on the theme of homophobia, and though it is definitely something I’ve experienced (being denied service, having people throw garbage, being followed by howling gangs of men, etc. just for holding my girlfriend’s hand), I actually have been more hurt and upset by the biphobia I’ve experienced from the LGBT “community” for falling in love with and marrying a cisgender man. Even bisexuals have been needlessly mean because I feel the term “queer” is a better fit for me instead of “bi” (it’s totally cool if “bisexual” is the term that works for you!! It’s just not the one for me).

As I say in the comic, it’s been disappointing to learn that being intolerant is a trait shared by both straights and gays. Meeting so many other bi/pansexual and homosexual-with-an-exception people who have also experienced this rejection and bullying from the queer community has been really helpful to me. We’re not alone, but damn if it doesn’t hurt like a bitch.

If you can read French, go ahead on read the whole comic, or wait another couple days for me to get the English version uploaded here on my site.

Erika Moen’s Posters, books, prints and original artwork

Why It Is Important to Have Queer Comics

Aw man, I’m so stoked I got a shout out in Maria Burnham’s article on the Huffington Post, “Why It Is Important to Have Queer Comics“, along with Alison Bechdel, Joey Sayers, and Brian Andersen.

Thank you so much, Maria!

And! Today is the LAST day of my screenprint and minicomic giveaway through my store!

Don’t forget I’m giving away a free minicomic with EVERY order and a free screenprint with Super Book Pack orders until May 16th!

Erika Talks at Pacific University

(Photo by Brenna Zedan)

Last week Pacific University‘s Rainbow Coalition teamed up with several other campus groups to bring me out as a guest speaker!

It was… pretty great.

Cayla, the coordinator, and her friend, Katie, arrived to pick me up from Periscope Studio about ten minutes late which was PERFECT because *I* was running ten minutes late anyway. Twenty minutes before they were supposed to arrive I was suddenly struck with inspiration for a bunch of stuff I wanted to talk about in my lecture; about attacking people for their proclaimed sexual identity, and how I was a judgmental dick until I became the kind of person I used to judge, and how love and relationships are more rewarding than strictly adhering to the rules and regulations of an identity label. I hadn’t even finished writing my first draft of this before they arrived, though, so I went into the lecture knowing I would kind of be feeling out my words on this topic as I went.

Cayla and Katie were just delightful. I couldn’t have asked for more fun hosts, even though they shocked me when I found out they are only 19 and 20– WHAT. I thought college juniors were older?? Like, 23-24?? But, uh, I guess I graduated when I was 22, so, yeah… In any case, the hour long ride out to Pacific University hardly felt like any time at all, which is a testament to their good company.

(I am WAY too short for this picture)

Now, here was maybe one of the highlights of the evening for me:

(Photo by either Katie or Cayla)

Oh, yes.

Originally Cayla had told me the school would provide dinner, which I took to mean eating in the campus cafeteria. But then a couple days before the talk, she emailed me saying I could actually pick where I wanted to eat. I told Cayla I was well aware of the fact that I knew my request was totally ridiculous, and if my choice did not fit in their budget then I would be more than happy to hear another eating suggestion from her, but what I really, really, really wanted was some SWEET, SWEET RED ROBIN. No, I haven’t eaten there since I was a high school senior. However, I HAVE been watching a ton of Teen Mom on, which has a very buggy ad-player that will play the same (Red Robin) add, like, eight times in a row, which, it turns out, is actually incredibly effective for getting their jingle stuck in your mind and turning all your subconscious thoughts towards milkshakes and gourmet burgers and bottomless fries. At that point in time, however, I had not yet made the connection between those ads and my ALL CONSUMING RED ROBIN DESIRE, but dang I knew what I wanted.

On the way to their school, we stopped at the Beaverton Red Robin, where I had two (yes, two. STOP JUDGING ME, THEY SAID IT WAS OKAY) chocolate milkshakes, a bacon cheeseburger with barbecue sauce, fries, and a couple of the communal cheesesticks. Oh dang, you guys. It was rad as hell.

However, it turns out the ol’ Re-Rob (I just made that up. It’s short for Red Robin. MAKE IT CATCH ON) is a black hole of happiness, because we wound up cutting our time to actually get back to the campus a bit short. Oops. Originally we were going to have a nice, leisurely A/V hook up and I’d have plenty of time to set up my books and prints and whatnot– instead we got there almost right at the starting time, so we all had to book it to get everything in order. I think we only started a few minutes late.

Driving in from the parking lot of the university I ran into Brenna and Chase! They are two awesome folks I have known for years and years now, and even though we live about ten minutes away from each other, I think the majority of our interactions are online. You know how that goes. Chase, it turns out, was there to photograph something else happening on campus at the same time for the newspaper where he works and Brenna snagged a ride with him just to come out to my talk (and if he had time, Chase was gunna try and pop in for the end of my talk too). Ahk, heart glow! (Remember, it takes an HOUR to drive from Portland to Forest Grove) Brenna was kind enough to use my little camera to take photos for me during the talk, so I could post them on the internet later. Brenna and Chase, swell fellas! (See ALL the photos)

Brenna actually wrote up her own thoughts about the evening and it kind of made my week. <:)

(Photo by Brenna Zedan. Please note the Red Robin balloon to the left of my podium.)

The talk went so much better than I could have hoped for! People laughed in all the right places and that last-minute lecture I cooked up and hadn’t even proofread (nor even created an ending conclusion for!) actually didn’t come out TOO muddled. Definitely some room for improvement on it, of course, but the fact that it came out coherent at all while in action is a major success in my book.

(Photo by Brenna Zedan)

During the Q+A I diiiiiiid answer a question just a bit too candidly. I mean, it was fine (I think) to give that honest of an answer at the lecture itself, but as far as re-sharing it online later (Oh yeah, I was video taping the whole talk so I could upload it. You can see it here! Or just scroll down, too.) it proooobably wouldn’t have done me any favors in the long run. So I’ll just, uh, edit that part out. …which means I’ll have to learn how to edit in the first place. Hrrm. I just have such a hard time keeping my mouth shut about potentially delicate issues! I’m like Anne of freakin’ Green Gables over here, what with my mouth just going off about whatever.

(Photo by Brenna Zedan)

We finished up just shy of an hour after I started, which was pretty perfect. I’m always scared I’ll finish talking about 20 minutes and then it will just be awkward silence. Instead, the audience had plenty of good questions for me and I made a nice little number of sales of books and posters and prints at the end.

(Photo by Brenna Zedan)

Then Cayla and Katie drove me the hour back home, which didn’t feel like an hour at all. They have now seen the inside of my kitchen, which unfortunately smelled a little (a lot) like garbage since I hadn’t taken it out recently.

All in all, a pretty damn good time.

And now you can watch it for yourself!

Erika Moen Speaks at Pacific University from Erika Moen on Vimeo.

How to Convert Lesbians

My husband, Matt, just got an email from a love-sick man asking for advice on how to get the lady of your desires when she is an out lesbian. Some critics of my autobio comic DAR! have complained that by sharing my personal transition from identifying as a lesbian to identifying as queer after I fell in love with Matt, that somehow sets the example to straight men that it’s ok to hit-on/convert gay women– which was never a message I ever intended to endorse, nor is that even close to how our relationship began.

Matt wrote out a very nice reply that I thought other Aspiring Lesbian Whisperer Straight Males might benefit from reading.

I’m sorry about your problem, but I’m afraid there is nothing you can do to change this lady’s sexual preference. I realize you feel very strongly toward her and would like to be more than friends, but if she’s made it clear that she isn’t attracted to your gender then you must respect that and keep to a friend-only relationship.

If ever her sexuality evolves and she tells you she likes men then feel free to try and pursue a greater relationship. But don’t hold out hope for this. And please; if you care so greatly for her and wish to stay friends with her don’t tell her about your feelings, as she will NOT be able to reciprocate, and this will ruin your friendship.

I realize DAR talks about a lesbian falling in love with a man and how it can make it seem like there is some sort of possibility that a man/friend can make a lesbian-lady/friend fall in love with him. But this isn’t the case. Erika’s sexuality (being a lesbian) started to shift and change on its own accord, I had nothing to do with it (and could have nothing to do with it; sexuality is completely internal), I just happened to be the right person at the right time with the right chemistry.

While it might break your heart, please do not pursue your friend, do not tell her of your feelings (if you wish to stay friends with her), and try your best to make her happy as a friend.

Also I should point out that I’m not a relationship adviser and not an expert.

My best and sorry,


Meeting Dan Savage


Oh my goodness.

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness.

Tonight I met Dan Savage.

He and his husband, Terry Miller, were doing a reading at Powells to promote their It Gets Better book and oh my goodness. Oh my goodness.

I’m glowing.

Even though he’s been speaking about these topics for ages now, Dan Savage still gets choked up talking about the struggles of LGBT teens. He and Terry are such good speakers, their readings from the book and personal stories were powerful and human.

After waiting in line to get their signature on my copy, I could hardly manage to whibble a word at them at an audible level but somehow I managed to choke out that Dan has been incredibly influential in my life and my work and I wanted to give them a copy of each of the DAR books. Dan actually asked me to sign them! And shook my hand! And they both thanked me for the books in a way that came across as genuine!

Honestly, I’m just… overwhelmed. There were a couple points in the evening where I found myself tearing up as I listened to these two men. Dan’s advice and teaching has been monumentally influential in my life and there I was sitting in a room with him and even getting to shake his hand. He knows I’m alive now.

Thanks to Dylan for letting me know he’d be signing tonight or I would have missed this event entirely.