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February Life Drawing, Week Three

Mooooore life drawings! Continuing in last week’s experiment, I gave myself the task of only using my brushpen to make these sketches. Just straight ink to paper, no pencil sketching first. I actually feel like I did a marginally better job this time around! …Almost… as if… you improve the more you do something. Hmmm, interesting.

Like last week, I found I couldn’t work on the same drawing for more than 10 minutes, so everything you see here was drawn between 1 – 10 minutes.

(Click to Enlarge) –During the longer poses, I would just draw the same figure over and over and over, since my drawings would be fully complete after 10 minutes when I’m working just straight ink. Can’t really noodle around too much that way, y’know? So, I’d just start a new one.

My poor brushpen was also dramatically running out of ink throughout this session, poor little guy.

This bottom guy was my favorite.

Well, there you have it!

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