Non-Binary Sexuality Video

By Erika Moen on March 7, 2013

Beyond Categories: Non-Binary Sexuality from Erika Moen on Vimeo.

One of the highlights of exhibiting at the Emerald City Comic-Con for me was getting to be a speaker on the Beyond Categories: Non-Binary Sexuality panel!

Randall Kirby, Leia Weathington, Charles “Zan” Christensen, Ellen Forney, Jason Thompson and myself gathered together to discuss having bi/pan/queer sexualities in a monosexual world where both the straights and the gays don’t accept you (or straight up view you as The Enemy) and our experiences with biphobia– all with a healthy dose of dick jokes and wise-crackin’.

The anthology on non-binary sexuality that Zan is putting together through his publishing house, Northwest Press, is titled “Anything That Loves”, look for it in July.

(The video may take a bit longer than normal to load because I accidentally made the file gigantic? Try unselecting “HD” in the bottom right hand corner and also I’m a cartoonist not a video editor sorry I have no idea how to do anything! ;)

EDIT: If the above talk only whet your whistle for lectures on sexuality and comics, I have actually done several more! Queering Up Comics at Yale University last month, My talk at Pacific University in 2011, and my talk at Haverford University in 2010.

If you would like me to come speak at your school or event, please contact me at erika.moen (at)

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