Party With Planned Parenthood – The video

By Erika Moen on October 20, 2013

Party With Planned Parenthood from Erika Moen on Vimeo.

Wanna see Lucy Knisley and me draw the Party With Planned Parenthood illustration really fast?

In April, we teamed up in Portland to create this illustration in order to help raise funds for Planned Parenthood. Real life PP supporters sent us their photos to be drawn into the scene and then we created 25 limited edition Giclée prints, all hand numbered and signed by us. $50 of each sale will be donated to Planned Parenthood. More details about our project can be read here.

As of this writing, we’ve sold the original art and many prints, raising $900 so far. If we can sell another two prints, that number will be raised to $1,000

Party With Planned Parenthood
C’mon, you know you want this.

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