La Coccinelle
By Victor Hugo

A poem we read in French class that I thought was uber nifty. Please note the blatant typo on panel 5.

Page 1:
She said to me,
Something is bothering me,
And I saw,
On her snow-white neck,
A little red bug.

Page 2:
I should have-
-but smart or foolish,
One is timid at 16-
Seen the kiss on her lips
More than the bug on her neck.

Page 3:
One would say a shell;
Red back and dotted with block.
To see us the the wild birds
Had to crane their necks in the bushes.

Page 4:
Her fresh lips were there;
I leaned in towards the beauty
And I took the ladybug;

Page 5:
But the kiss flew away.

Page 6:
Son, learn as I am named,
Said the bug in the blue sky,
The beasts belong to God;
But stupidity belongs to man.

Get me away from this French MADNESS!